10 unanswered questions in science and philosophy

questions no one knwos the answers
questions no one knwos the answers

Many years may have passed, having advanced like never before in the field of knowledge and making discoveries that until recently seemed implausible, there are still many questions in the field of science and philosophy that have remained unanswered questions.

Some issues may never be resolved, but with others you should not lose hope. We may not know until the end of our days what is behind death, but we can get to know the structure of a black hole or if the universe is finite. Why not? These are ten unanswered questions yet.

Are there more universes?


It is already difficult enough for us to understand how the universe in which we live was formed, if it is expanding -as it seems- or not and how it originated, to know if there are other parallel universes. It is a question that we may never know, although it is difficult to predict.How is the nature of the human being?

A question that has made rivers of ink flow in the philosophical debate. Is man born good? Or is it born bad and becomes good through education and circumstances? Or does it depend? About what? Philosophers have not agreed on this.

Where we come from?

The expert in human evolution Tom White, who has just moved to Spain, recently acknowledged that it is not known for sure from which creature humans evolved. Is there a missing link? There is still much to find out about it.

What happens inside a black hole?

black hole
black hole

There are some cosmic objects that do not seem to respond to the laws of physics: black holes. Little is known about them, beyond their ability to attract and some suggest that they may contain the secret of the universe, as it contains the particles of the early universe. But the truth is that there is a lot of ignorance.

What or who is behind our consciousness?

Consciousness is a state of our mind that allows us to know who we are and to realize what is happening around us. More and more is known about the functioning of the brain, but the reason for it or how it is formed, we are not so clear.

What are actually the numbers?

There is evidence of the use of numbers from civilizations as old as Mesopotamia, but… do they really exist or are they just an abstraction? Well, although it seems like something so everyday, science has not been able to answer this question.

Do we live in a real world?

Beyond the Matrix or the verses by Calderón de la Barca that say that “all life is a dream and dreams are dreams”, the truth is that we cannot affirm with certainty that we live in a real world or that it is all product of our mind.

Is there free will?

Another classic of philosophy that has been the subject of debate for centuries. Do our decisions come from a chain of previous events or is it our own will that makes the decisions, oblivious to any interference? Well, they haven’t agreed on it yet.

What is at the bottom of the oceans?

Unlike other questions to this one, maybe one day we can give it an answer. We still don’t know more than 90% of the ocean floor, so there may be secrets that give us clues about the history of humanity.

What is time?


Einstein arrived and revolutionized science by stating that time is relative. So today, we don’t know if the past, present and future are the same reality that is happening all at the same time. Another of the questions that is difficult to answer, since many consider that it is a simple illusion.

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