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Nowadays, security is one of the most important aspects in any type of infrastructure, construction or establishment. That is why there are companies that try to cover this need to their customers in the best possible way.

As far as this section is concerned, Assa Abloy is a group of companies that use state- of-the-art technology and advanced innovations to ensure that the safety of their customers is maximized within today's capabilities. Here you will learn all about this prestigious group.

Who is Assa Abloy?

Assa Abloy AB is a Swedish conglomerate whose products are related to locks, gates, doors, gates, entrance automation, among others. Related products and services include access control and identity confirmation with keys, electronic cards, tags, mobile devices and biometric identity identification systems.

The company was founded in 1994, when Assa AB was spun off from the Swedish security company Securitas AB. Over time, Assa AB merged with high-security lock manufacturer Abloy Oy, based in Joensuu, Finland, forming Assa Abloy AB, the company was listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange that same year.

Since then, Assa Abloy AB has made more than 200 business acquisitions in countries such as the United States, Israel, France and more than 70 other countries, growing from a regional company with 4,700 employees in 1994 to a global group with 51,000 employees by 2021.

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In which sectors does Assa Abloy operate?

Assa Abloy keyless
Assa Abloy keyless

As a group of companies dedicated to security, the Assa Abloy AB compendium of companies has a permanent responsibility to be at the forefront of overcoming any challenge with advanced locking and access management solutions to add high levels of security.

The idea of enterprise security is to avoid downtime or unplanned outages by protecting critical infrastructure, regardless of its remoteness or adverse conditions. Therefore, Assa Abloy AB covers critical infrastructure in a broad spectrum of sectors, which include:


The importance of drinking water demands an extreme level of security. The water treatment process is vulnerable to risks caused by the misbehavior of unauthorized personnel; risks such as vandalism, theft or terrorism are some of the vulnerabilities in which ill-intentioned people can cause.

That is why Assa Abloy AB adds proprietary high-security solutions to add confidence to your facility, such as sophisticated access management and embeddable administration software.

The level of risk in water plant processes increases along with the process, because the water distribution infrastructure is dispersed and often unattended. Therefore, Assa Abloy AB offers audit trails to know who has accessed certain areas of the facility, as well as resource management usage.

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Access rights can be updated remotely from a smart phone while easily removing lost or stolen electronic keys to enhance security.

From building doors to area access points, Assa Abloy AB's wide range of products ensures security around water plant treatment processes. With the help of durable products and remote access management, a large number of personnel and contractors can be given access to the required areas easily, without compromising the security level of critical areas of the facility.

Energy and electricity:

Assa Abloy reduced energy use
Assa Abloy reduced energy use

Assa Abloy AB brings confidence to every aspect of electrical power with advanced locking and access management solutions. Improving efficiency, security and cost savings with digital connections and innovative electronic technology.

From facility entrance doors to access points in each area, the wide range of products offered by Assa Abloy AB ensures protection around high voltage equipment. To prevent damage due to unauthorized personnel entering critical areas, products such as Protec2 Cliq connect all locks and keys for maximum protection.

Access rights are managed remotely and electronic keys can be programmed for specific times as required. Each time a key is inserted into the lock, it generates a record that helps track the movement of each staff member in the facility.

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Assa Abloy Telecommunications
Assa Abloy Telecommunications

Critical telecommunications infrastructure needs to be protected and controlled at all times. Every asset in radio centers, bases, poles and other facilities are critical to the continuity of operations in this sector. Assa Abloy AB's mechanical, electromechanical and digital solutions are designed to meet all the security requirements of this sector.

From the inside out, every employee and contractor passing through the various access points, perimeters and restricted areas will be protected and monitored easily and remotely.

With so many mobile network operator towers constantly requiring access from employees and subcontractors, personnel protection is indispensable, especially during maintenance activities. The solutions provided by Assa Abloy AB ensure that access is only granted to the right people quickly and effectively to keep operations safe and secure.


Assa Abloy Transportation
Assa Abloy Transportation

Due to the tremendous growth of e-commerce, a large number of companies must provide services around the world, as any disruptions in supply chains represent challenges to security and loss of revenue and customer dissatisfaction. Assa Abloy AB offers the most advanced solutions to streamline logistics operations and make them as competitive as possible, without compromising security.

Assa Abloy AB's digital and electromechanical locking, key control and access control solutions are designed to provide the best security during the operation of loading and unloading trucks, as well as to increase safety during transportation and personnel safety.

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Assa Abloy mining
Assa Abloy mining

Mining faces life-threatening hazards on a daily basis and due to the nature of the demanding working conditions this sector faces at all times. Assa Abloy AB protects personnel, property, explosives and precious materials by efficiently responding to all these challenges by providing safety tools that meet the health, safety and security requirements of mining environments.

Products offered:

To maintain the perfection of all these systems, Assa Abloy AB offers a series of innovative products to ensure the safety of all infrastructures and installations. Among the main ones are:

CIPE Manager:

CIPE Manager
CIPE Manager

With CIPE Manager you will be able to manage your keys, locks and their access rights in a friendly way, with a user management and a cloud-based system to avoid losing your data in case of local system failures, which you can do from a computer or from your smartphone.


Assa Abloy CIPE Manager
Assa Abloy CIPE Manager

The ABLOY Beat weatherproof padlock operates via digital keys and is managed by any of Assa Abloy AB's remote user management applications. This padlock works via Bluetooth and is the best ally to protect any type of critical infrastructure.



The innovative intelligent management system for keys, locks, padlocks and electromechanical systems PROTEC2 CLIQ, is the most complete and flexible of Assa Abloy AB. It is the best ally to merge with CIPE Manager and ABLOY BEAT products, making a perfect integration through the management of mobile keys through a smartphone that this system grants, giving greater flexibility and ease to the systems, without losing control of them.

The PROTEC2 CLIC electronic key facilitates access control rights for each user. If a key is lost and cannot be properly validated, it can be easily deactivated.


When it comes to industrial and critical structure security, Assa Abloy AB is one of the best companies in the industry. Their integration with many of the major companies, combined with their years of experience, allow them to leave no aspect of security and access control overlooked.

At the same time, this company is not limited to the above mentioned sectors and products, but also offers options for oil industries, banking, railways, government institutes and education sector facilities, offering access control options, lockers with electronic controls and many more products.

With the CLIQ Connect app, access rights can be updated on the fly, using a cell phone.

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