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When you enter Chrono24 the first thing you notice is the vast amount of options in watchmaking, most of them with very good prices, but is it really worth buying watches in Chrono24, is it worth selling, is it safe, do the watches have guarantees, all these and other doubts will be answered below.

What is Chrono24, and how does it work?

Chrono24 GmbH, or simply Chrono24, is an online marketplace dedicated to providing a platform that connects sellers and buyers of watches from all over the world. Currently the platform also sells watch accessories as well as new, pre-owned, vintage, collectibles and more.

This company was founded in 2003 in Germany, the responsible for its birth were Tim Stracke, Michael Krkoska and Dirk Schwartz. The brand that today is a world leader in the buying and selling of luxury watches began as a modest, but ambitious website that invited users to publish their luxury watches they wanted to sell, as well as inviting people interested in acquiring luxury pieces.

Chrono24's business model: how does it work?

For each transaction made within the platform, it earns a percentage of the purchase-sale operation. That is, the traditional model of a conventional Marketplace, however, what has made this model so successful are the objectives that the company has aimed at.

The pillars of the brand's business model are transparency and sustainability, which has earned it the trust of sellers and buyers from all over the world and this is where the true value of the brand lies, in the database of millions of users, thus becoming a platform that also understands, supports and adapts to the tastes, needs, and possibilities of its users.

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Whether you are looking for brands with affordable models for those who are new to luxury watchmaking, or for those who are looking for pieces from the most important watchmakers such as Rolex, Richard Mille or Patek Philippe chrono24 has become the ideal choice with more than 25,000 active and verified prodigal sellers.

love my whatch
love my whatch

Buy watches at Chrono24

With over 118,000 positive reviews globally, a highly effective payment protection system, the largest catalog of brands and models worldwide, it's hard to think of another digital platform as convenient when it comes to buying that watch you want so badly.

How to buy watches

Once you enter the platform, you must create a user with all the data requested by the page. Then you must verify your profile with some extra requirements to verify your identity, after that you can use the platform to search for the pieces you want to buy.

Chronometers, chronographs, mechanical, military, gold, diamond and much more. The variety of options in each category offered by Chrono 24 gmbh, makes the task of searching for any particular watch very easy, and of course, best of all is the ease with which you can buy.

Tips for buying watches

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Search for the ideal watch

Our most popular models
Our most popular models

If you are still not quite clear what watch to buy, then you can browse through the varied

options of Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Patek Philippe chrono24 guarantees you the widest range so you can find the model you want and you can also choose between new or second-hand models, which will significantly affect their price.

Read the description and specifications carefully

To avoid misunderstandings or unpleasantness when buying a watch on chrono24, it is very important to read the description of each piece where sellers must show concise information about the condition of the watch, details about its functioning, model and year, accessories and so on. Some professional dealers even provide information about the last maintenance performed.

Check the seller's profile

Although all sellers within the platform go through rigorous certification processes, it is always recommended that you check the profile of the person offering that piece you want so much. On Chrono24, you will find two types of sellers, "professional dealers" and "private sellers".

A "professional trader" is someone who has been on the platform for a long time, has successfully sold more than 30 watches, and has received many positive reviews. Private sellers" are people who do not yet meet the minimum requirements to be considered professional and to be recommended by Chrono24.

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Benefits of buying a watch at Chrono24

Buying a watch at Chrono24 is the best option for many reasons; among the most important are the following:

Payment protection system

One of the things that has led Chrono24 to be a world leader in luxury watches online commerce is its convenient payment system which is done through a security deposit

within the platform. That is, when you make a purchase, the money will be held for a period of 14 days.

This time is sufficient for the buyer to confirm receipt of the product and its conformity with the same and release the payment to the seller, otherwise, the buyer may issue the claim to appeal for the refund of the money for which must return the piece back to the seller.

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Guaranteed authenticity

Keeping a platform, and even a community, free of non-authentic watches has always been one of Chrono24's policies. Before authorizing the sale of a watch or accessory on the platform, a team of more than 40 specialists thoroughly checks every detail, in addition to requesting certificates of authenticity.

Assa Abloy Absolutely accurateAssa Abloy Absolutely accurate

Strict regulations for vendors

Anyone wishing to sell a watch or accessories on the platform must provide all the documentation and certificate of the product, but in addition to this, they must provide data and evidence of its identification, location, commercial registration and other documents. As if that were not enough, they must also follow strict guidelines for publication and description of each product.

International presence

As of today, the brand has a presence in more than 100 countries where it has both certified buyers and sellers. All these countries are also included in the list of locations allowed by the brand to ship to a huge list of locations around the world.

This presence is also supported by the international versions of the platform such as, chrono24 USA,, and many more.

Watches for sale at Chrono24

We know that selling a luxury watch is not an easy task at all, especially when it comes to high value pieces because generally there are not many buyers in certain locations, hence the convenience of selling on a digital platform that receives approximately 12 million monthly views from watch lovers.

How to sell watches

Selling a watch on chrone24 may not be as easy as buying; however, it is not an extremely tedious process and has in its favor the fact that it provides a secure and very convenient system. The first thing to do is to register on the website and create a seller profile.

Once you submit your documents, Chrono24 staff will review everything in detail, once you have a verified profile you will have the option to publish watches and watch accessories to be sold. It is important to mention that when posting an item, you must also provide documents confirming the authenticity of the item.

buying rolex
buying rolex

Tips for selling watches

Maintain an impeccable presentation

First impressions are very important, even more so in the world of fine watchmaking, which is why good photographs accompanied by clear, concise and well-written texts will increase the chances of achieving a successful sale.

Provides detailed information

When someone is going to buy a luxury watch, and especially if it is second-hand, they will always want to know as much information as possible about the condition of the item.

Collect the most important details and state them in the description section.

Evaluates the value of the product

To determine the best possible price for a sale, it is essential that you first review, within the platform, the current market value of the item you wish to sell. This way you will have a clearer idea of the price of the piece and you will be able to define a price that can be convenient for both you and the potential buyers.

Benefits of selling a watch on Chrono24

Cartier Watches
Cartier Watches

Appraisal system

Chrono24's appraisal system works thanks to a database of more than 600,000 watch models of which it collects every day the value of quotation in the different markets of the world. This allows buyers and sellers to know the current value of each watch before bidding.

Huge conglomeration of potential buyers

There are more than 200,000 people who have successfully purchased one or more times a luxury watch on the platform, added to this we have the immense monthly traffic generated by the website and the chrono24 app, making Chrono24com the perfect place to publish an item you want to sell.

Business growth opportunity

Whether you are a buyer and reseller of fine watchmaking or have your own high-profile watch brand, the window of opportunity that Chrono24 provides to enter the global watch market is simply spectacular.


The best Marketplace for watch collectors

If you are or plan to become a watch collector, this platform is necessary stop to find those pieces that begin to nurture your collection. The platform's catalog of options exceeds 490,000 models with brands from all over the world, from the most prestigious and recognized to the new players that are bringing bold and innovative proposals to the world of luxury watches.

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