Freshworks: The All-in-One Business Solution


Freshworks, a digital platform also known as FreshDesk, is an organization focused on delivering value, which is embedded in service and manufacturing commerce, by promoting experiences with great qualities among consumers and employees.

This application is of excellent quality, it offers various solutions in terms of software, since through it you get to assimilate and take into account customer support, customer service and more.

The platform includes a large number and variety of Freshworks platform includes a large number and variety of items, which benefit and enhance the connection, communication and input between the indispensable components of an organization.

This current server that subsidizes the client, allows the team to perform different tasks at the same time and in turn provide accurate and effective responses to consumers through communication services such as: email, telephone, social media.

A software solution that automatically assigns, categorizes and prioritizes the established products.

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Which companies can use Freshworks?


Main reason for companies to prefer Freshwork

Most businesses employ this type of software as it adds many basic requirements to their products, thus drawing the attention of consumers to their needs. Each item belonging to Freshworks has been specially designed with the power to meet the needs of each business.

Freshwork, What does the platform guarantee?

Freshsuite guarantees an excellent service of high quality, it responds in time to consumers' questions or complaints in real time, manages the request properties, as well as offers a comprehensive service for each client.


Freshworks features

  • Authorizes modifying the text format.
  • It is pending consultations.
  • Add notes in private for those who require them.
  • It has contextual consumer information.
  • Manage request properties in a simple way.
  • It gathers email requests and comments from different social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, and others.
  • It offers high quality and effective answers to customers according to their questions, and provides product tutorials or techniques.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Productive competition is found within the platform, through an arcade game in which representatives earn points, as long as they meet consumer expectations.
  • A reliable infrastructure with 99.9% server availability. Those who use the platform have the facility to choose whether they can have access or restriction of certain private information, for either consumers or workers.
  • Application available worldwide, the use of this digital platform can be done anywhere where the person is, has the availability to select the language, also gets a variety of different products and commercial time zones.
  • It is extensively configured to collect and report on any outstanding information, insights and metrics to explore progress, recognize and resolve such issues.

Basic platform functionalities

The application contains and offers basic functionalities such as Incident Management, Conflicts, Alterations, Product Catalog, Dispersion, and Asset Management to undertake and satisfy the needs, it has connection and similarity in terms of management.

On the other hand, this service also grants the right of automation, which these industries are able to take into account to customize themselves according to their specific requirements, in order to cope with the workflows and promise a good service to the consumers.

Freshworks suite
Freshworks suite

Benefits of Freshworks.

There are many benefits offered by this platform (freshsuit), among them are the tracking, this allows to monitor and keep track of any information that is required. On the other hand, it is possible to publish resumes, depending on the criteria you are looking for.

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The recruitment and selection processes provide the central information. Also, among these benefits is that in this platform the data is completely secure, protecting the personal accounts of these users.

It also offers accurate and optimized information that allows people to make better decisions. The platform is always available to publish job offers, offer products, businesses, hire employees, among others.

Freshwork has the privilege of integrating a variety of different functions to synthesize marketing activities for the sales team. It incorporates to the digital platform all the options that a salesperson may request to have a better interaction and communication with consumers, such as: phone calls or emails.

This website also offers your employees a great number of advantages, which are:

  • To have an excellent and frequent communication with your potential customers, through communication services.
  • It offers the ease of finding the high quality leads, through scoring, patterns and buying behaviors that are made through the platform.
  • It provides the context and gives customers practical knowledge about how to organize and schedule such conversations while increasing engagement.
  • Dispatches real-time email notifications on opens, and clicks with alerts.
  • It makes the process and progress of guiding sales more understandable and visually pleasing.

It is important to mention that over the years this platform has been updated to meet customer requirements. It has evolved in terms of the market and its competencies with other platforms.

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Finally, Freshworks has implemented a high model of excellence in terms of its products. The platform has brought with it solutions for any type of conflict presented by customers and employees to enhance dynamics and communication.

Since I help you buy Freshwork is a very good management option!

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      I tried Freshworks and it was nothing but a disappointment. Overhyped and overrated. Don't waste your time or money on this so-called game-changer. There are better options out there.

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