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In a world where digital is most abundant, process automation is one of the most important dilemmas to deal with. Many companies offer their digital server rental services for hosting customer data and sending it to their users.

However, only Interspire offers automated email marketing hosting, with complete control of the servers for your users, giving you full ownership over them. If you are interested in knowing everything about this interesting platform, be sure to read this article.

What is the Email Market?

These days it is difficult to own a business that does not resort to digital marketing. One tool in this world is email, which helps to establish communication with each user to inform about promotions, products and services of a company.

Email marketing is a tool that allows companies to share their new products, attract new customers, give the feeling to their customers that they are in a community with the company, while offering their services and generating loyalty in these. This makes it an indispensable strategy for many companies.

interspire email marketing
interspire email marketing

Thanks to the email market, it is defined as the sending of automated emails to a database of users or contacts, which can vary between customers, potential customers or business partners. It is a digital communication strategy widely used in most companies as it is a direct marketing channel.

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What is Interspire?

More than just automated marketing, Interspire Email Marketer is an advanced email marketing platform, with self-hosted servers, which marketers have been using to make their email marketing more profitable since 2003.

Thanks to this platform, you can stop renting servers and own the email marketing services yourself, with complete control and access to all features, for a one-time payment and not monthly fees.

marketing software
marketing software

What can you do with Interspire? 

By using Interspire, you can access a host of email management, control and automation tools for a business. Among the most important qualities are the following.

Proprietary email marketing platform:

While most companies only offer data hosting through monthly rental or different types of fees, Interspire offers complete ownership of the email marketing platform, with full control over each and every function of the platform and without leaving the client aspects out of its management.

This is a great advantage, since you will not depend on third parties to do certain administration tasks nor will you be forced to pay to keep your service active, since for a single purchase you will be able to access all the features in an unlimited way, having control and access to all the data and without leaving access to them ever again.

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Unlimited automation:

If anything defines Interspire, it is process automation. The user will be able to have total control of each of the email messaging processes. The user can automate all messages that are sent, classifying them by customers, contacts, message type, message content, as well as the time and frequency with which they will be sent.

This allows you to have total control over each email that is sent. Without leaving aside that, automation allows you to carry out a constant sending of messages without having to be aware of the time of each one, since they will be done automatically when you want.

Unlimited contacts:

It is very important, especially for large companies, that the portfolio of contacts that your email marketing platform allows as a maximum is as wide as possible. This way you cover the largest number of customers and potential customers when offering each of the products and services of the company.

For this reason, Interspire offers an unlimited contact list, so that in this way there is no class of customers that are left out of the company's email marketing, regardless of how large it is.

Interspire mail Development
Interspire mail Development

Unlimited emails:

Just as it is important to have a portfolio of unlimited contacts for sending emails, if you do not offer an email delivery that is in line with this list of contacts it will be of little use, since no matter how many contacts you have, the server will not be able to send emails to all of them at the same time.

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With this in mind, Interspire also offers unlimited email delivery, at all times and regardless of how many contacts an email is sent to or how much content it contains. The platform will be ready at all times to send as many messages as needed.

Performance monitoring:

Just as it is necessary to have a correct mailing performance, it is also necessary to know correctly how many emails end up being beneficial for your company in terms of sales, reception and much more.

Interspire does not leave this aspect aside, and has designed a complete and intuitive campaign performance tracking system, with statistics for each of the sections you need to know to improve your email marketing in an easy to understand way.

Conclusions about Interspire 

Interspire Email Marketer is a powerful email marketing tool that every company that is focused on growing and offering its products and services to a large portfolio of potential customers must have.

All its great catalog of services to facilitate interaction with the platform, usage and administration tools, tracking and data automation make Interspire the best email marketing company.

The best part of Interspire, is that you will only need a one-time payment, unlike other companies that always require monthly payments and own the servers where the data is hosted and the moment you stop paying you lose access to them, with Interspire, the customer is the sole owner and administrator of your data.

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    "Interspire is good, but have you tried sending carrier pigeons? It's a game-changer."

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    "Interspire, the best email marketing tool? Nah, I prefer carrier pigeons. Old school FTW!"

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    "Interspire might be great, but have you tried carrier pigeons? Old school charm!"

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    "Interspire? More like 'Intersnooze'! Who needs email marketing when carrier pigeons are making a comeback? 🐦"

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