JP McHale Pest Management: New York's Number One Fumigation Company

JP McHale Pest Management Review
JP McHale Pest Management Review

Finding a fumigation company that offers a complete service to its customers at a good price is no easy task. Many companies fail to deliver what they promise or instead, their prices are too high.

Only JP McHale Pest Management has the most complete pest extermination service with a full guarantee of service and a price that the competition can't match. If you are interested in knowing everything about this company, be sure to read this article.

Years of experience with a professional team

JP McHale Pest Management is a fumigation company based in New York, USA. Since its founding in 1971, it has been responsible for providing science-based solutions to pest problems in the New York City metropolitan area.

JP McHale Pest Management's approach is not simply to kill insects, but to provide a superior experience in every area of interaction with clients, who are treated as family rather than just buyers.

JP McHale Pest Management
JP McHale Pest Management

Since its inception, JP McHale Pest Management has made it a priority to focus on providing customer-centric solutions and services. For over 50 years, the company has provided peace of mind to the entire community, while constantly evolving and innovating in all aspects of pest control.

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Services offered by JP McHale Pest Management

At JP McHale Pest Management there is a wide range of services for its clients, which can vary according to the type:

Household services:

If you need pest extermination at the household level, you can request it without any hassle from JP McHale Pest Management.   To keep your home free of vermin, proactive and strategically scheduled visits are made to keep the home free of pests.

Pest activity detection is performed and the pest harborage site will be properly eliminated to eradicate the pests for good. Target pests include carpenter ants, spiders, stinging insects and many more.

4 techs disinfecting
4 techs disinfecting

The installation of pest interception monitors for pests such as termintas or rodents using infrared sensors is done for early detection. All this with the objective of making your home pest free at all times.

Service for businesses:

At JP McHale Pest Management, protecting your brand is the company's business. Their team of highly experienced pest control professionals possess the knowledge and tools for complete commercial and industrial pest elimination.

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JP McHale Pest Management constantly strives to control pests by achieving a pest-free environment with the use of safe, environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials to be as safe as possible for the company, its business and its personnel.

Intensive targeted pest treatment allows for a customized service for each situation, which is created to eliminate pests completely with precision and with immediate impact.

JP McHale pest management
JP McHale pest management

Community management programs:

For JP McHale Pest Management, creating a customized program for communities is also part of its service plan. This provides communication and information dissemination, as well as preventative treatments in common areas, along with pest elimination programs.

What types of pests does JP McHale Pest Management remove?

JP McHale Pest Management can always be consulted on a case-by-case basis to create a pest elimination plan based on your needs. But if you need to know in general terms what pests are eradicated by this company, among its wide range of services, the main ones are the following:

Flying Insect Management Program:

With the implementation of strategically installed light traps and air curtains, the first signs of activity will be intercepted. Biological solution products are also offered that break down fermenting organic waste that serves as a refuge.

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Tick Control:

tick masters
tick masters

Effectively reduce tick populations on your properties, giving effective protection against Lyme disease and many other tick-borne diseases.

Using organic methods and environmental care, JP McHale Pest reduces tick populations on your property to zero with constant monitoring and personalized attention.

Overwintering Insect Management

JP McHale Pest offers a complete solution to combat and eradicate all invasive pests that seek refuge in your home during the winter season. You will be able to protect your home from bed bugs, beetles, marmorated, fruit flies and stink bugs.

JP McHale pest removal
JP McHale pest removal

Termite Mitigation:

JP McHale Pest's dynamic and innovative way to protect all types of facilities from invasive termites offers you immediate in-ground installation of effectively working termite baits.

Stations are also installed with constant monitoring to detect, intercept and kill all termite colonies until their population is reduced to zero.

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Rodent control:

Jp McHale best Pest removal
Jp McHale best Pest removal

Rodents such as rats or mice can be very annoying, in addition to being the focus of many diseases that can be fatal to humans. With this in mind, JP McHale Pest offers its clients a rodent control program to keep the rodent population at bay.

Strategically placed traps allow the capture of the pesky rodents, which are intercepted by our experts to be released in safe environments away from humans.

With the SMART Pest Control system developed by JP McHale Pest, you can also have digital monitoring for effective control over all types of rodents at all times. This will notify the detection of them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Conclusions about JP McHale Pest

It is remarkable that JP McHale Pest has strongly established itself in New York to be an efficient pest control company, with many years of experience, a great range of services and that adapts to the client, treating him as one of the family.

Their constant evolution and innovation in pest capture, control and extermination methods make them an ethical and safe company for both home and business environments, working in a clean and safe manner for both humans and animals. If you are interested in contacting them, you can do so through their official website.

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