Nokian Tyres: much more than just winter tires

Nokian Tyres
Nokian Tyres

Offering safety, durability and comfort is the main reason why Nokian Tyres is positioned as the best choice when it comes to tires for summer driving enjoyment.

However, this Finnish company is a clear example of adaptation, evolution and progress; therefore, today we will know a little more about this avant-garde company that has managed to open a great space among the main tire manufacturers in the world.

The beginnings of a company committed to innovation

The history of Nokian Tyres PLC dates back to 1988 as part of the giant "Nokia" company.

In 1898, the company became independent with the creation and launch of the "Finnish Rubber Factory", whose Finnish translation was: "Suomen Gummitehdas Oy". Its main mission was to respond to the needs of the local market where conventional tires did not guarantee safety on the cold roads of northern Europe.

This vision of offering a product adapted to the needs of a very specific market was what motivated, and made possible, the creation of the world's first tire especially suitable for snowy roads, thus "The Weather tyre" was born in 1934 and this allowed the company to grow so much that by 1995 its shares were already listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.

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Following their commitment to innovate and achieve the highest standards of quality and safety, they launched the "Hakkapeliitta" product range, which has more than 80 years of research, experimentation and technological advances that have been reflected in models such as the "Hakkapeliitta 8" a premium-studded tire for maximum grip in winter, which launched in 2013.

In 2015, they would again set an example to the world by launching the "Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta R2", the first model in history to obtain the highest possible rating with the "A" label for a winter tire within the European Union (EU). It is a revolutionary tire that leaves studs behind and incorporates new design technologies and materials that make it an option that guarantees optimum grip in extreme cold conditions as well as great comfort and low fuel consumption.

Nordic tire king, also with a global presence

Nokian Tyres
Nokian Tyres

For more than 50 years, Nokian Tyres has earned the trust and loyalty of millions of drivers in the Nordic countries of Europe (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland), thanks to its wide range of tires specially designed to provide high performance in the extreme cold conditions of winter in these countries.

In addition to the aforementioned countries, the brand has become the first choice for drivers of sports cars, family cars, touring cars and even luxury models when it comes to driving on snowy roads in the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Canada and the United States.

In 2020, they inaugurated their third production plant in the United States to meet the high demand they have in the American territory, and only in 2021 did they start industrial operations in their new test center located in Spain.

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More than winter tires

Why Nokian Tyres
Why Nokian Tyres

Evidently, it has been their winter tires that have been responsible for Nokian Tyres becoming a resounding success. However, conformism and limitations are not part of the company's policies, which is why they have further developed the following lines:

Studless winter tires

Since 2015, the studded winter tire has been the best alternative to keep vehicles well adhered to the road even in the most difficult situations. However, this demanded a sacrifice in terms of comfort and performance.

The line of studless tires developed by Nokian Tyres, for all types of vehicles, replaces studs with new special rubber compounds to provide unparalleled grip and innovative tread patterns for the most reliable vehicle performance possible.

Summer tires

To boost positioning in countries that do not have year-round snowy climates, and where summer seasons are in fact more common, Nokian Tyres has developed a whole summer line for trucks, vans, sports cars, luxury sedans and even SUVs and 4x4s.

The summer line opened many doors for Nokian Tyres to the world, mainly in countries such as the United States and Spain, because these products guarantee the same quality and high performance as the well-known winter tires, but specially developed for high temperature roads, loose gravel and sandy roads.

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Four-season tires

seasonproof nokian tyres
seasonproof nokian tyres

"SEASONPROOF" is specifically the name that identifies Nokian Tyres' four-season tires.

These are created with the latest technological advances and with a guarantee of high durability and resistance. This makes them the perfect choice for those who want to have to change their tires as the seasons change.

Nokian Tyres Models

In addition to having impressive quality when it comes to winter tires, the wide variety of options offered by the brand has allowed it to cover many markets. The lines offered by Nokian Tyres are as follows:

Nokian Tyres tourism

Undoubtedly the most commercial line of the brand and the one that has favored its expansion to many countries around the world. The range of these products is equally wide with ideal options for all types of cars within this category.

From luxury sedans like Rolls Royce or crossover SUVs to super cars like Ferrari, Pagani, Porshe and other big brands, Nokian Tyres has the perfect model and dimensions for any model. The most popular choices in this category are these:

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  • Nokian WR D4: the premium winter tire specially designed for compact and mid­size vehicles
  • Nokian WR A4: A high-performance tire for large, high-powered sedans and vehicles with sports car characteristics.
  • Nokian Weatherproof: Belonging to the "Nokian 4 seasons" family, it is a high quality option with perfect performance for SUVs and any passenger car.

Nokian Tyres SUV

The Finnish company has lines dedicated specifically to the SUV segment in two categories, winter and summer. The best winter tires within this category are the following:

  • Nokian WR SUV 3 and Nokian WR SUV 4: a great choice for those who prioritize safety and reliability when driving SUVs and crossovers.
  • Nokian HAKKAPELIITTA R3 SUV: It is a type of tire designed to meet the high performance needs required by SUV high performance sports vehicles.
  • Nokian HAKKAPAPELIITTA LT3: If you have an SUV and want to enjoy it all summer long, the HAKKAPAPELIITTA LT3 is excellent for its superior grip even on the most difficult surfaces, snowy and low-friction roads.

As for summer tires, Nokian Tyres offers the following options for SUVs:

  • Nokian POWERPROOF SUV: this is a "premium UHP" type tire developed to allow the full potential of high-powered SUVs to be exploited.
  • Nokian WETPROOF SUV: They greatly enhance the braking ability of vehicles on wet or damp roads, as well as guaranteeing optimum resistance to aquaplaning.

Nokian Tyres 4×4

Brands such as Range Rover, Dodge, Ford, GMC and Mercedes Benz have relied on Nokian Tyres to put top quality tires on their 4x4 models, especially in Central and Northern European countries. These are the best options for 4x4 trucks:

  • Nokian ROTIIVA AT: For light off-roaders, these tires are especially designed for all types of terrain, from mountainous terrain to dunes and snowy roads.
  • Nokian ROCKPROOF: They are the preferred choice of off-road professionals for their incredible resistance and reliability in any terrain and any season of the year.
  • Nokian MPT AGILE 2: They offer superior traction to overcome the steepest roads, with very high resistance. Mainly used on light duty trucks and police or military vehicles.
Even more durability nokian tyres
Even more durability nokian tyres

Nokian Tyres Industrial

The industrial vehicles sector has been another beneficiary of the high quality and innovation of the Finnish brand's tires. These are the models best rated by users:

  • Nokian HAKKAPELIITTA TRI: This was the first winter tire for tractors, even extreme cold climates are no match for this tire ideal for different types of tractors.
  • Nokian LOGGER KING LS-2: The perfect choice for forestry vehicles is called "LOGGER KING LS-2", created to allow skidders to work without any problem in the most difficult terrain.
  • Nokian HAKKAPELIITTA CITY BUS: the popular summer tire line also has a bus edition, in fact these tires have become a cult product for bus drivers on routes where summer is relentless.

There is no doubt that Nokian Tyres is a clear example that innovation and constant commitment to the evolution of products is a great boost to the growth and success of a brand. Check our best reviews!

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