REMAX: An example of entrepreneurial expansion in real estate

The real estate market is very competitive nowadays. Many companies are competing day by day to be the best in this field, trying to distinguish themselves before their clients by offering the best services.


However, Remax is one of the oldest and most experienced in this field, being one of the most reliable and offering the most complete services to its clientele. If you are interested in knowing everything about this company, keep reading this article.

Remax, a long-lived and reliable company

Remax is an American company that has been operating for more than 40 years, exactly since 1973, and since its foundation until today, has made its way day by day, gained the trust of its customers and sold real estate in many corners of the world.

Its great success in the United States allowed it to operate as a franchise, having more than 140,000 authorized agents in 8,000 offices, operating in 110 countries in the 5 continents of the world, and becoming world leaders in real estate.

The REMAX business model

Remax collects monthly and annual fees from its agents, who act as independent contractors working as owners of their own real estate agencies.

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Remax's innovative real estate business model seeks to recruit and retain the best sellers in the market, offering full service and management support so that they can maximize their client acquisition and real estate transactions.

Thanks to this, Remax keeps the best professionals in the real estate market. Professionals capable of assuming each and every one of the company's commitments and offering a complete and excellent service to its clientele.

Remax's acronym refers to the maximum results that everyone must obtain through the three fundamental principles of its Win-Win business model. This guarantees maximum services for clients, maximum commissions for associated agents and maximum profitability for the company.

Remax real estate agents serve clients both nationally and internationally, differentiating themselves by personalized service throughout the negotiation with the security and support that only a company with the trajectory of Remax can offer. 

REMAX real state
REMAX real state

The great growth of Remax in recent years is due to the networking model based on customer service and attention. This puts the main focus on the customer, its treatment as the same and to keep it in constant interest with the services offered, so that in the end it is the same satisfied customer as an advertising tool for the company.

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Each of the offices is treated as private property, being in charge of a registered real estate broker, which operates autonomously, but under the endorsement and full support of Remax.

The broker is responsible for each of the operations, so they are in charge of finding new clients, showing properties, managing sales, among others. At the moment of buying, selling or renting real estate, the broker is the one who signs the contract.

Also, Remax proposes a model called the "shared expenses model". In this model, all the agents that work for the company assume their internal expenses, such as stationery, payroll, telephone or any other. In exchange for this, the publication of the properties is paid by the company. Thanks to this, Remax ensures much faster growth and without less risk for the agent.

real state leaders
real state leaders

Thanks to this business model, the agents do not have a dependency relationship with Remax, since they operate under the support of the company, but they are not obliged to comply with fixed schedules, nor to go to the offices.

One of its major differentiators is that Remax captures properties to work exclusively. This means that only the real estate agency has the power to publish the property in any place it wishes.

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What does Remax offer to its agents?

The real estate agents that work or wish to work with Remax are offered a series of systems that will depend on their income as a real estate office. In this way, there will be no company. No company, no matter how small, will be left out from starting to emerge.

The systems that Remax offers to its agents are the following:

RAPP: The REMAX system for initial development

The RAPP system (Remax Alternative Payment Program) is the system that allows the associated agent to share the fees of the operations he carries out with the office in a percentage of 40% for the agent and 60% for the office. 

sell your property with remax
sell your property with remax

Thanks to this system, the associated agent assumes the lowest possible business risk, since his fixed office expenses are paid by Remax, but in exchange he must cede 60% of his fees to the office for the services rendered. 

This allows small entrepreneurs or those who do not have the capital to start a large business to start without much budget. Allowing for rapid growth and thus guaranteeing business emergence.

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MAX System or Pure System:

The most productive agents will be able to access the Puro system, which will allow the agent to continue growing at a high level. This is thanks to the fact that, once the professional level and high productivity is reached, the MAX system can be accessed, which allows to have a higher percentage retention than any other real estate company in the competition.

In addition, once you have access to the MAX system, you can form a team within the REMAX company to continue to grow. The company has created this system to retain top-producing agents.

remax sellers guide
remax sellers guide

Conclusions about REMAX and its business system

It is undeniable that Remax has used innovative strategies and a business model that, although it may be somewhat aggressive for the competition, is productive for the company and has allowed it to stay afloat and be one of the largest in the sector.

In an increasingly globalized world, companies that expand as franchises are the ones that end up dominating each of the sectors in which they operate, and Remax is one of the clearest examples of success on this principle in the field of real estate.

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