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The epoch times
The epoch times

Introduction to The Epoch Times

The Epoch Times is absolutely a trusted source of news, opinion and analysis that has been providing quality content to readers since 2000. With a team of global correspondents and award-winning multimedia professionals, it delivers in-depth coverage of current events, politics and world affairs. But that is not all. The Epoch Times also offers exclusive insights into key issues and areas of interest that are often overlooked by the mainstream media and provide a platform for free-thinking. Let's explore The Epoch Times in more detail.

Overview of The Epoch Times

The epoch times truth and tradition
The epoch times truth and tradition

The Epoch Times is an independent worldwide multimedia news organization that strives to bring readers the most truthful, rational, and unbiased information on current affairs and world events. Founded in 2000 by a group of Chinese-American dissidents, The Epoch Times is now the largest Chinese-language newspaper outside of China.

Our mission is to promulgate traditional moral values, promote independent thought and philosophical reflection, uphold the principles of press freedom, foster an open exchange of opinions, and provide true and accurate reporting on matters concerning both China and the rest of the world. We are committed to providing reliable news coverage in 12 languages through our print editions in over 35 countries around the world as well as our websites for each edition.

The core goal at The Epoch Times is to provide truth that readers can trust. Dedicated editors have proven editorial policies to ensure accuracy in disseminating news from throughout the world with a focus on breaking stories from inside authoritarian countries like China where censorship silences much of what truly occurs on a day-to-day basis.

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In addition to facts-driven reporting based on verified sources, The Epoch Times engages with readers globally through opinion pieces written by experts in various fields who promote ideas about restoring traditional values for informed decision making at a time when public discourse often focuses more on surface issues than underlying cause and effect. This combination of rigorous digital media expertise with strong investigative journalism creates an unparalleled opportunity for readers everywhere.

The epoch times TV
The epoch times TV

Mission and Values

The Epoch Times is a leading independent global media outlet founded in 2000 by a group of Chinese-Americans. It is known for its fact-checked and evidence-based journalism and covers news from politics, international affairs, culture, science, health and more. By adhering to its mission and values, The Epoch Times has been widely recognized by both readers in the United States and worldwide for its commitment to truthfulness and facts.

The mission of The Epoch Times is to behold truth as our guide and bring facts to light on a diverse range of topics. We strive to report on topics that others tend to avoid or omit due to their contentious nature. We are dedicated to upholding traditional values while relying on current standards journalistically. The objective is always accuracy first and foremost; no tolerance for falsehoods or half truths in any reporting.

Values are what we stand for at The Epoch Times—not only in terms of journalistic practices but also our efforts as a social institution dedicated bringing clarity amidst the confusion of this chaotic world we live in today. Our core values focus on four key considerations which are: Honesty & Integrity, Unbiased Reporting, Open & Transparent, Professionalism & Respectfulness

The epoch times digital
The epoch times digital

Honesty & Integrity: Finally the news reports must be accurate before all else—with no rumour mongering or politicization allowed under any circumstance; Unbiased Reporting: Relying on data-driven investigations as well as reliable sources from all sides before publishing—to ensure fairness towards each faction; Open & Transparent: Allowing free public access to articles with clear labeling regarding where it belongs (i.e., ‘Politico’);Professionalism & Respectfulness: Providing articles that respect all sides while avoiding inflammatory language against those who disagree with them.

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Quality News Coverage

The Epoch Times has been providing readers with quality news coverage for nearly two decades. They strive to deliver unbiased and accurate news reporting on global events from a variety of perspectives. Their team of experienced journalists are dedicated to researching, investigating, and verifying the facts to ensure that their readers are receiving the highest level of news coverage available. So, what makes the Epoch Times stand out? Let's take a look.

Global Reach

The Epoch Times has a global reach through its print, digital and broadcast platforms. Print publications reach across the United States, including localized editions in 28 major Chinese cities such as New York and San Francisco; four languages are available in full digital versions — English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Korean; TV broadcasts via NTD Television have become the benchmark of independent media, reaching countries on five continents in 10 languages.

The epoch times
The epoch times

From its initial launch in 2000, The Epoch Times has continued to expand into more than 35 countries and regions worldwide. Our reporters work tirelessly to bring you quality journalism from across the globe. Our newspaper editions are printed monthly in 6 language editions—English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, German and French—and we provide up-to-date coverage on breaking news from around the world through our digital platform. Our NTDTV broadcasts span several continents and versatile programming is produced for all ages; our content includes everything from objective reporting of current events to uplifting humanitarian stories that give hope for a brighter tomorrow.

We seek to bring you truthful reports on world events with no political agenda or bias so that readers can accurately discern right from wrong amidst fake news or biased media reports that have become rampant in existence today. We’re proud to be a trusted source of news that many rely on each day for reliable coverage aimed at uncovering truth without ulterior motives leading us astray.

Comprehensive Coverage

The Epoch Times is dedicated to providing factual, unbiased, balanced and reliable news coverage. Our news articles represent the highest quality journalism in a broad range of stories covering politics, society, culture and more. We understand the importance of accurate information in a world where people can be misled by hyperbole and bias.

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At The Epoch Times we strive to make sure our readers receive comprehensive coverage of significant news events around the world. We focus on well-balanced reporting that allows our readers to make informed decisions about current affairs and how they squeeze in to their life choices. Our story selection is based on professional journalistic dedication to present both sides of an argument in an unbiased manner. Whether it’s a government policy shift or a basic human rights issue - we bring you the facts behind any story with our experienced writers and researchers.

Our experienced editorial team makes sure all our articles are fact-checked multiple times before they are published on The Epoch Times website and print editions. This carefully curated information is available 24/7 so our readers stay informed at all times regardless of their location or timezone without compromising accuracy or quality journalism standards

Investigative Journalism

The Epoch Times is committed to investigating reports and articles with an eye for quality and accuracy, as well as a dedication to providing expert analysis. Specialized reporters cover stories that often go beyond the scope of typical reporting, and strive to ensure that all reportage is delivered in an impartial and nonpartisan fashion.

The epoch times ban in China
The epoch times ban in China

It is through a team of dedicated reporters that The Epoch Times is able to bring people mindful and deeply researched news, opinion, and analysis on a global scale. Whether it be investigating political corruption or finding ample evidence that 2020 saw the most cases of measles reported since 1992, our reporters strive tirelessly to find the truth behind the stories. Our readers can rest assured that we take great pains when investigating major issues to make sure our coverage accurately portrays the current state of affairs.

The investigative expertise found at The Epoch Times covers a wide range of topics ranging from criminal justice reform in the United States—one prominent example being exploring issues related to wrongful convictions—to how large-scale companies are avoiding paying their employees wages they are owed. In addition, our reporting has been essential in uncovering financial scams originating from different countries around the world such as China and Iran.

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We believe it is incumbent upon us as reporters to report from every corner of society without fear or favor; this in turn allows us to stay true in our mission of delivering valuable information about current news trends, policy matters affecting our nation today at all levels, international relations between countries across the world, preserving civil liberties prescribed by governments globally, offering perspectives on areas pertaining so heavily on human rights such as free speech argued around the world at different courtrooms - all while delivering accurate reporting done with utmost respect for journalistic standards worldwide!

Opinion Pieces

The Epoch Times publishes opinion pieces reflecting diverse opinions and thoughts from different perspectives. We value the importance of critical-thinking, providing an open platform for contrasting voices from around the world. We feature opinions from sources across the political and ideological spectrum, showcasing a broad range of ideas and opinions that are important to the current political and cultural environment.

The epoch times opinion
The epoch times opinion

Thought-Provoking Articles

The Epoch Times provides thought-provoking articles from independent opinion pieces to engaging analysis. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable contributors bring various perspectives and insights to the topics that are important to the lives of readers today. With our unbiased reporting and commentary, we strive to provide the most balanced views on stories that matter most to our readers.

Our thoughtful content covers a range of topics that can be considered controversial or contentious as well as those that inspire critical thinking. Whether it’s in-depth features on politics, social issues, or culture, The Epoch Times keeps its readers informed so they can make better decisions and form their own opinions.

We value your trust, which is why each piece of opinion writing is thoroughly researched and fact-checked by a professional editor with an emphasis on accuracy. We also encourage interaction between writers and readers alike in our comment section so all sides of an argument can be heard before drawing conclusions. Make sure you visit us often for thought-provoking content that will surely open up a world of possibilities for discussion!

Expert Analysis

The Epoch Times offers professional analysis on current affairs and personal stories. Our expert contributors offer insightful perspectives and interpretations of the events shaping our world today, allowing readers to gain a greater understanding of the underlying issues at hand.

Expert Analysis provides well-informed commentary on domestic and global political news, economic development, technological advances, history, culture, arts and lifestyle. With articles from experienced professionals in their fields of research and study—including renowned academics, authors, politicians and entrepreneurs—our articles are both thought-provoking and informative. Accompanied by engaging photographs and illustrations that convey key ideas or concepts more effectively than words can sometimes do on their own.

We invite you to join us as we take an in-depth look at the topics that affect us all in our daily lives — for better or for worse — offering unique insight into a wide range of interests. Our expert contributors help you develop your own opinion on the relevant matters before you and make informed decisions about what is right for your life today.

Opinions from Around the World

From the US to Europe and everywhere in between, opinions on the biggest issues of today are widely varied. The Epoch Times provides opinion pieces that take a deep dive into each side’s point of view on important topics. For example, one opinion piece looks at whether capitalism is successful or destructive and what might be done to make it better. Another opinion piece looks at Brexit from the perspective of both sides and how it might affect the UK and EU in the coming years.

Opinion pieces from The Epoch Times are designed to provide readers with both sides of an argument, giving them deeper insight into each position’s reasoning as well as helping them gain understanding of why certain topics may be controversial or polarizing. Readings from different countries around the world also offer readers a global perspective on these issues, helping to open minds more broadly to cultural dynamics that may not always be immediately apparent.

epoch times
epoch times

In addition to pieces covering major controversies, The Epoch Times provides a range of articles focused on everyday life. These articles explore everything from family dynamics and small business practices to urban lifestyle trends and sports analysis; with each article providing down-to-earth advice or making persuasive arguments on why certain activities or behaviors are worth attention or reconsideration.

These opinions, while they come in all shapes and sizes, leave readers with something powerful: a unique insight into human behavior that helps explain why people act the way they do while simultaneously opening minds up to greater possibilities in their own lived experience.


The Epoch Times offers a wealth of resources for those seeking reliable and accurate news and opinion. From our print editions to our digital platforms, The Epoch Times provides readers with diverse and informative content. Our digital platforms, like our website and app, allow readers to access our content at any time and from any place. Additionally, we offer a wealth of resources right here on our website, such as our opinion articles, daily news briefs, and multimedia pieces. Let's dive into what The Epoch Times has to offer.

Subscription Options

At The Epoch Times, we strive to bring you quality independent journalism from around the world. Plus, our digital subscription options have been designed to meet a wide range of needs. Whether you’re looking for a gift idea, or something to read while on the go, an Epoch Times subscription is an excellent choice.

We offer several convenient subscription options including annual and quarterly print magazines; digital e-editions; and bundled packages that combine both print and digital features into one reliable service:

Print Magazine Subscriptions: Get the full newspaper experience with our print magazine, including exclusive stories and insights plus interesting perspectives from around the world each week. Delivered right to your doorstep!
Prices start at just $50 for an annualU.S.-based subscription.

Digital Edition Subscription: Never miss an issue with our digital edition subscriptions – available for viewin on computers, tablets ,and even phones! Prices start from just $24 for an annual digital edition package.

Bundled Packages: Get both print and digital editions all in one package with our specially designed bundles – perfect for those who want all the latest news without missing anything! Prices start from just $80 for an annual bundle package.

Digital Publications

The Epoch Times offers a range of unique digital publications that mix hard-hitting news, editorial opinion, photography, and cartoons in an easy-to-read format. Available on our website as well as through our mobile apps for iOS and Android, these digital publications keep you informed wherever you go.

Our flagship product is the Daily Epoch Times (DET), a daily round up of the top news stories from the past day. As part of this package, we also provide daily opinion essays by our editors on current political and social issues, along with entertaining sections such as photo galleries and cartoons.

The DET is supplemented with larger “issue” publications that come out 2 to 3 times a week featuring longer in-depth analysis on a variety of topics such as international relations, economics, cultural developments etc., both from our team of reporting staff and guest writing contributions from experts in specific fields or industries.

These two types of issues come together to form a comprehensive source for staying informed about what’s happening in the world today. Our commitment to reporting the truth without fear or favor has earned us the trust of millions around the world — join us today and become part of an ever growing community dedicated to being informed citizens!

Social Media Platforms

The Epoch Times is available on several social media platforms for you to stay up-to-date with the latest news and opinion. Our official social media accounts provide readers with real-time updates on current events, breaking news, and exclusive interviews that are available anytime and anywhere. We offer the following accounts that provide the most comprehensive coverage of The Epoch Times. Our accounts include:

Facebook: Get the latest updates from The Epoch Times' team of editors, reporters and contributors by liking our Facebook Page.

Twitter: Follow The Epoch Times on Twitter for breaking news, headline updates, exclusive interviews and analysis from our extensive network around the globe.

epoch times
epoch times

Instagram: Instagram is an excellent resource to find stories behind our reporting with original photos, videos and other visuals each day. Follow us to stay informed!

YouTube: Our YouTube channel features a wealth of interviews with leaders in various fields, as well as weekly reviews of key political developments around the world by our team of analysts. Make sure to subscribe!


The Epoch Times is one of the most trusted sources for news and opinion around the world. With articles from a wide range of topics, from politics to lifestyle to entertainment, you can find the news that matters to you. The Epoch Times strives to bring you the most accurate, up-to-date, and unbiased news and opinion that you can't find anywhere else. In this conclusion, let's summarize why the Epoch Times is your trusted news source.

Summary of The Epoch Times

The Epoch Times is an independent media publishing platform with a roster of diverse content and coverage ranging from global affairs to entertainment. Founded in 2000 and based in New York City, The Epoch Times focuses on delivering news, features and opinion pieces through multimedia channels such as its flagship print newspaper, website and podcast series.

As a media outlet, The Epoch Times strives to provide accurate and unbiased reporting. Through its network of correspondents nationwide, the seasoned journalists at The Epoch Times are committed to bringing readers the facts first. Whether it’s their signature investigative reports on Chinese politics or their ongoing coverage of the latest Covid-19 developments, The Epoch Times team is always at the forefront of consequential news stories from around the world.

At its core, The Epoch Times stands for promoting freedom of information, supporting independent media outlets and upholding truth over falsehood. As a trusted source for international news for 20 years now, The Epoch Times remains dedicated to serving as an open platform for thought-provoking ideas from all perspectives – be it liberal or conservative – while allowing rigorous ethical debates over public issues both at home and abroad.

Reasons to Trust The Epoch Times

The Epoch Times is an independent media organization committed to providing readers across the globe with accurate news coverage. Founded in 2000, it claims no political affiliation and is dedicated to reporting stories on global events with an objective, impartial stance. This commitment to one-hundred-percent truth and unbiased journalism has made The Epoch Times a highly trusted source of news and opinion for millions of readers around the world.

The Epoch Times’ staff members are driven by a mission to report ethically and responsibly on the latest hot topics. Detailed fact-checking, rigorous analysis, and long-term investigations are conducted for every article before publication. All publications go through a three-level editing process - Story analysis, Copy editing and Fact Checking – before going live online or making their way into print versions worldwide.

The Epoch Times has a comprehensive research system backed by experts from top universities across continents who specialize in areas such as international politics, global economics, culture and education. In addition, legal professionals provide advice when necessary to further ensure accuracy in all stories published by The Epoch Times. Moreover, whenever possible verified sources will be used when writing articles – this includes both primary and secondary sources such as interviews with credible witnesses or survivors of war zones where facts are hard to come by. With this commitment to quality content creation it’s easy to understand why so many people trust The Epoch Times as their go-to source for reliable news coverage each day.

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    I must say, The Epoch Times seems like a solid news source. I mean, who doesn't love quality news coverage?

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      While it's great that you find The Epoch Times as a solid news source, it's important to have a balanced perspective and consider multiple sources for comprehensive coverage. Blindly loving any news outlet can limit our understanding of different viewpoints.

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