The Benefits of Using Buildium


Buildium is a software that stands out for its elaboration, which is based on the development of a method for property management, designed by and for the property managers themselves.

This application is to allow people to be more efficient and in turn helps them to take control of each plant that is in the business that they manage, thus Buildium facilitates the use of accounting, billing, maintenance, among others.

Buildium provides services to more than 14,000 rental property managers, and at the same time this software is in partnership with 46 countries. This means that the application has a total of more than two million units under management, offering an excellent service for those who use it.

buildium academy
buildium academy

What does Buildium count on?

The platform has a software service that enriches such organizations with property management, and they become more productive and economical.

In addition, property management software makes it easier for residential property managers or association managers to get a handle on their operations, making the people running the system feel right at home.

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Who uses Buildium?

Typical users of this application are residential property managers, as well as those with mixed portfolios and community association managers.

What is Buildium used for?

Buildium is a Real Page company, provides a property management solution. A cloud-based solution allows residential property managers to take full control of all aspects of the business, whether it is office, rental, online payments, among other things.

Is Buildium easy to use?

For those people who do not have enough experience, using this type of technology is a bit complicated. The Buildium program is undoubtedly an excellent option, since it is easy to navigate.

Specialty of the Buildium platform

Within the specialty of this platform, it offers a software designed solely for owners of management companies with reference to properties. It offers ease of use, affordability and the highest level of customer service.

It has the specialty of offering an adequate service for the owner of any property, outside a work area, as well as for any home. It allows that the person has knowledge about the updates of the costs of some market, at the same time if the person requires it can get to create even payment plans to their comfort either for themselves as for those customers who will have utility of the property.

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buildium app
buildium app

Advantages of Buildium

Buildium offers a good communication system, which allows owners to interact with their clients, as well as with other sellers or other owners.

This system is not at all complicated, so much so that the platform works as a catalog, thus benefiting the visualization and search of properties, whether commercial or residential. In the same way, it allows all the people who use this application to be in constant communication.

Disadvantages of Buildium:

The application may have some minor difficulties, one of them is that it presents complications to be incorporated with other platforms, such as social networks, so it is recommended that in the case of any emergency that may arise, you have to send messages by email.

It is important to mention that Buildium allows access to up to 5,000 properties, attracting more and more people with a wide variety of properties. This makes the platform an effective and excellent application for obtaining so many users with large property portfolios.

Is it the best accounting software?

The property management contains a wide range of accounting functions, which support and allow up to 5,000 units in your growth and premium projects. In addition to the accounting functions, this platform allows for a variety of advanced functions with simple and understandable tutorials.

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buildium property manager
buildium property manager

Buildium offers three plans

The application offers three plans which are: Essential, Growth and Premium. The value of each of them varies according to the number of units managed.

  1. Essential: this starts at $50 per month and promises features for up to 150 units.
  2. Growth: Incorporates new features and access to an online leasing tool.
  3. Premium: this has the availability of up to 5000 units and provides functions, one of them is: Business Analytic, insights, Buildium Rewards.

Buildium grants a guarantee and provides up to 10% discount for any human being who wants to register for annual billing.

In the Buildium cloud, people who register can see all fees, payments, deposits, refunds. In the same way, the integrated devices provide information on how much is owed to companies and suppliers.

  • Buildium integrates with several external software platforms Buildium goes hand in hand with some software among them are: TransUnion, MSI, Nelco, Happy Inspector, among others. All these integrations were included in the application, so that it had a greater success in terms of updates, and through them were fixed and avoiding problems that previously occurred frequently on the platform.

Today, Buildium has become a reliable service.

The following article provides a preview of how to operate the platform. Depending on the case you need.

How to enter expenses in Buildium?

It is not so difficult, it is only a matter of following the next steps: First you add an invoice, and then you must enter where it says "invoice” which is accounting, and click on "register invoice” there you will register the due date of that invoice and select the supplier who sent the invoice.

Then you must enter a note and choose which property the invoice belongs to. Finally, the type of expense account is chosen, the form is finished, and the only thing left to do is to save it.

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  1. Alicia Frank says:

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  3. Dilan says:

    "Buildium sounds great, but can it handle my collection of rare unicorn figurines?"

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    "Who needs Buildium when you can keep track of your properties with a good ol' spreadsheet?"

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    I can't believe how Buildium has revolutionized property management! It's like magic! 🎩✨ #GameChanger

  6. Autumn Stone says:

    I totally disagree! Buildium is the worst. It's like using a typewriter in the digital age.

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