What to do in Trenton? Amazing places you can't miss


The city of Trenton has many destinations to offer to the tourists who visit it, especially to those who like to visit historical places. As a city it is one of the most beautiful places in the United States and its atmosphere is full of good vibes.

If you are interested in visiting this beautiful place and don't know where to start, here you will learn all about Trenton, as well as a list of the best places to visit and spend a pleasant time in this cozy city.

What is Trenton?

Trenton is a city in the state of New Jersey, being the capital of the state, it is located in Mercer County. Being the capital of New Jersey, Trenton is visited by many tourists throughout the year looking to be entertained by all it has to offer.

Top 7 Trenton Attractions

Trenton NJ
Trenton NJ

If you are thinking of spending a vacation in Trenton, but don't know where to go in this beautiful city, we bring you the best recommendations of attractions that this city has to offer:

Arm & Hammer Park

Also known as Mercer County Waterfront Park, it is the home stadium of the Trenton Haunter minor league baseball team. It has a capacity of more than 6,000 people and from it you can appreciate beautiful views of the Delaware River.

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For baseball fans 55 and older, they can join the Senior Diamond Club, which includes a complimentary ticket and discounted tickets to every game, plus birthday party packages for the kids.

In the summer, this stadium also hosts baseball camps where kids are taught the basics of the game and the best ones get to play in the Trenton Little Leagues.

Old Barracks Museum

Old Barracks Museum Trenton
Old Barracks Museum Trenton

What is Trenton? This site was built to house British troops in the French and Indian War of 1758. The Old Barracks Museum is the last such building in all of New Jersey, which has been used both as a hospital and to house soldiers and which today serves as a place of educational outreach about life in the eighteenth century and the history of Trenton and New Jersey through guided tours which are included with the price of the admission ticket..

Trenton's Farmers Market

The Trenton Farmers Market is the best place in town to buy delicious fresh produce any day of the year. This place began operating in the early 1900's and, over time, evolved to become a favorite place for citizens to shop for groceries.

In this place you can find almost everything, from different types of meat, poultry, fish and fresh vegetables. It also has nice cafes where you can enjoy delicious lunches and breakfasts. If you are going to spend a long time in Trenton, it is important that you know about this place so you can stock up on groceries at the best price.

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New Jersey State Museum

New Jersey State Museum
New Jersey State Museum

Founded in 1895, the New Jersey State Museum is focused on imparting knowledge about art, science and history. The museum's exhibits cover a wide range of subjects, with a collection of two million objects, including prehistoric specimens, representative cultural objects from the 18th century to the present day, and beautiful works of art.

There is also a 140-seat planetarium, where spectacular views of the sky can be seen on weekends. Visitors to this Trenton museum are free to explore the facilities on their own, but it is much more exciting and educational when you go on a guided tour or participate in any of the hands-on activities.

New Jersey State House

In Trenton you can find the New Jersey State House, founded in 1972, is the second oldest state capitol in the country, and is one of the only ones that does not have the same general structure as the U.S. Capitol.

This is a building that has undergone several renovations and expansions throughout its history. In 1999 its dome was restored and covered with 40,000 gold leaf domes for durability.

Free guided tours are offered at this historic site in Trenton, New Jersey Monday through Friday and on alternate Saturdays. Tours last approximately one hour and are by advance reservation. A beautiful Trenton landmark that teaches you about the history of this magnificent town.

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City of Trenton Museum in Ellarslie

City of Trenton Museum in Ellarslie
City of Trenton Museum in Ellarslie

Located in the mid-19th century Italianate villa, the Trenton City Museum in Ellarslie is a small museum with a beautiful gift store on the second floor. It has a large collection that is made up of beautiful pieces of pottery made in the Trenton area during the 18th and 19th centuries, as well as beautiful paintings and everyday objects representative of the period.

This museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday and has free admission. A small fee is charged for one-hour guided tours for groups of 5 to 15 adults.

William Trent House Museum

The oldest house in Trenton, it is a substantial brick house built in 1719 for William Trent, the founder of Trenton. Over the years, the house has been converted into a museum with exhibits covering various aspects of Trenton's history, and gardening plants that were popular at the time.

Visitors can tour the gardens and even share picnics on the grounds. Hours at this beautiful Trenton location are Wednesday through Sunday, 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm and eventually, food and live music events are held making this a very good attraction to visit in Trenton.


Outside of what is commonly expected of typical American cities, Trenton is a place that, despite being very different from the impressive neon lights and world-famous attractions, is a place that has a historical magic that not anyone who wants to spend a quiet vacation while soaking up the vibe of this beautiful place can miss.

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